The Value of Human Dignity

All of mankind holds intrinsic worth because all of mankind is created in the Image of God. This worth is not limited by ethnicity, religion, age or gender. It’s not restricted by who you love. It’s not made accessible by ones’ legal or economic status. It is not bound by ones’ country of origin nor legislated by documentation. This worth is not associated with ones political affiliation nor should it ever be taken away by any human being.

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A Balanced Equation

With life transplanting me out of my usual, hectic Chicago and transplanting me into a period of rest in Waltham suburbia, I had a chance to reflect over my short, yet formative adult years. I came to the realization that God not only brought me to Boston on this journey to live and love radically, so that others could see Him in New England, but I am also here to make me more like Him.

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Jane VictorComment
I Need My Space

There is nothing that shows you who you are more that the reflection of yourself you see in your child. My oldest little guy, Iain – three going on thirty-years-old, is a lot like me. Most of the time, I think it is fun to see myself in him. I even try to make him like me in some ways. I love fashion and I am out to dress him like a mini me and impart “wisdom” (while I can). He complies and seems to enjoy clothes too, but he never got into wearing hats/caps. Little people in hats are the best! I started to give up on the hat thing, until earlier in the week when he put on a cap in Target that read,” I need my space,” with objects orbiting in space. He refused to take it off. “Cool hat,” I said while screaming in my mind, “Yes! He likes hats now!”

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Devlin ScottComment
The Art of Abiding

We recently got a new type of remote with the installation of our cable – the type of remote where you speak into it and it changes to the channel or media that you request. The funny thing is, I rarely use it. As convenient and advanced as it is – I prefer to navigate with the buttons and menus to my selection. In that same vein, I rarely use Siri on my iPhone. Why do I do extra work when something that is designed to make my life easier is also accessible to me?

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Katie ScottComment