CityKids is a safe space for children of all abilities. CityKids serves children from birth to fifth grade, and aims to connect them to Christ, each other, and Christ-like mentors as they journey through spiritual development towards a relationship with God.

  • CityBabies for ages birth to 36 weeks

  • CityMovers for little ones ages 36 weeks to 36 months

  • CityExplorers for our integrated preschool age children ages 3 to 5 years old

  • CityChangers for our elementary age children from kindergarten to fifth grade

  • CityChampions for children with special needs from ages 5 to 13

CityKids is committed to connecting children to Christ, other kids, and Christ-following mentors while taking them on a spiritual development journey that sees them encounter salvation and baptism along the way. We believe every child needs a friend and a mentor. Our goal is to impact children all over Newton, MA and the surrounding areas. We will help kids understand their purpose according to the Bible. We will lead children to grow in a relationship with Christ with a consistent leader through their time in our ministry. 

As they get to grade 4, students will be given the opportunity to become an apprentice to a leader who is already serving. By the time that student apprentice begins junior high, they have learned how to lead in certain areas of our ministry. For example, they can lead in CityKids worship, reading our main story to the kids, or helping set up the area for our kids service. Throughout their journey with their leader, they will be instructed on how to relate Christ to their friends in everyday situations. They will be given opportunities to invite those friends to church so they are creating disciples. We believe that a relationship with Christ is the priority and that relationship with others helps children to be accountable for their walk with God. Leaving our children’s ministry, our kids will be able to make wise choices, have faith and trust God no matter the circumstance, as well as know how to develop friendships to show God’s love around them.